July 2021

Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a big corporation, is renting instead of buying equipment the wiser and more accessible option for you and your projects?

It is no secret that purchasing heavy equipment and access machines cost a lot of money—and the costs of acquiring these machines do not stop at the initial purchase investment—which makes it almost out of reach for many. In reality, maintenance and service costs take up a substantial part of the fraction. Storage and productivity are also an entire matter that needs addressing. So why do we think that rental is the wiser option?

Here are some reasons why you should opt for equipment rental:

Access a Diversified Fleet: Equipment rental companies such as WRXrental offer various equipment to accommodate a range of requirements. Earthmoving Equipment, Aerial and Lifting Equipment, and Hauling and Transport Equipment, to name a few. With this option, you can eliminate limitations that prohibit you from gaining access to the best equipment suited for your needs.

Access Newer Models: Heavy equipment and access machine manufacturers are constantly in pursuit of better technologies that could make work more efficient for their users. As a result, these manufacturers may frequently release new units that could turn your purchased equipment obsolete earlier than expected. By renting, you can eliminate this risk and turn it into an opportunity to use the latest and modern machines.

Eliminate Storage Costs: Heavy equipment and access machines need spacious and specialized storage areas when they are not doing the heavy work— and this could mean additional expenses for you. By opting for rental, you would not have to worry about the storage costs because you can return the unit/s to the rental provider after the job is complete.

Conserve and Better Allocate Capital: Buying heavy equipment and access machines is a long-term commitment. More often than not, they have to be used for years to reach a return on investment. Rental allows you to conserve your capital by giving you the alternative to pay only for your usage duration. Subsequently, enabling you to maximize capital allocation by giving you extra credit to spend on existing projects or funding new ventures.

Ensure Productivity: Just like you want to be profitable, rental companies warrant the same thing by ensuring that their fleet is well maintained, which enables them to maximize machine lifetimes. And this method also works to the benefit of their clients as this allows them to experience optimum productivity to ensure efficiency in their job sites. We, at WRXrental, ensure that our machines are always at their top operating conditions to make sure we deliver our promises to our clients.

Gain a reliable partner: By signing up for equipment rental services, you do not only get the equipment you need for your job sites. You also gain a partner who can help you reach maximum potential for your project and utmost worth for your money. If you rent with WRXrental, a solutions team will be assigned to assist you when there are matters that need solving.

Given these reasons, equipment rental seems to be a more informed choice for business owners, homeowners, project owners, and alike because it better minimizes risks and maximizes benefits.

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